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Oil Heat Efficency Program Rebate

I have just been informed of a fantastic program through the "Oil Heat Efficiency Program Rebate Reservation" which allows a rebate 0f $2,500 for installations of hot water boilers of 85% or more and $3,500 on boilers 90% and above. Steam boilers have a rebate of $2500 for boilers at 82% and above and $3,500 for 90% and above. Hot air furnaces have a rebate of $1,500 for furnaces of 83% and above. There is also a $500 rebate on indirect hot water heaters. This program runs through the end of May or when this goverment grant runs out or until the funds run out. If you have been thinking about updating your heating service NOW IS THE TIME !!!.

Call Bill @ EES for details 978-906-4797 or e-mail contact@ees2u.com

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